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03/04 €75 €85
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17/04 €85


Is a unique product created by RG Art Lab with Roger. The toy consists of 3 handcrafted resin “Stones” measuring 3.5cm each, housed inside an aluminum box. The product is entirely handmade in Italy.



Prova a mettere in equilibrio le 3 Roger Stones.

Liberare la mente, trovare la concentrazione.

The three stones reflect your inner balance.

La fabbricazione di questo prodotto è stata realizzata con procedure artigianali e non industriali. Piccole imperfezioni, cedimenti e increspature della superficie sono volutamente presenti e sono una caratteristica del prodotto, a riprova del procedimento di fabbricazione a mano.


And what if we told you it doesn’t end here? If you buy Roger Stones, you will receive a special code that will allow you to participate in the special Raffle Drop. If you have the winning code, you will receive a special Stones as a gift to add to your collection.

Win the golden stone!

RULES: The draw will take place one week after the drop date. The code will be released with each purchase of the ‘RogerStones’. The person with the winning code will be eligible to receive the ‘Golden Stone’. Shipping is free of charge.


1. Can I use the Stones as earrings, a ring, or something similar?

It depends on how you like to wear them. Just keep in mind that you might attract the attention of some stranger who could fall in love with your verve, or simply steal them for themselves. So, if you decide to wear the stones in a way that's noticeable, be prepared to handle some extra attention or even the possibility of losing them. On the other hand, if you wear them in a more discreet way, you might be able to enjoy them without worrying about unwanted attention or theft. It's all up to you and your personal style!

2. How long is the warranty for Stones?

The warranty lasts for a lifetime, unless they are chewed, ingested, used as a weapon, or used as unconventional pleasure objects.

3. Can I order the Stones in different colors?

No, the little skulls are only available in one color, but you can always paint them yourself with acrylic or fluorescent colors, or even add some glitter. We personally like silver glitter.

4. Can I use the Stones as a self-defense weapon?

It might sound cool, but absolutely NO, the toy is not suitable for use as a self-defense weapon. If you want to protect yourself, we recommend that you purchase pepper spray or take a self-defense course. Besides, it would be a shame, we spent a lot of time sanding them down.

5. Is the toy suitable for children?

Yes and no, the toy is safe for children above 4 years of age. However, we recommend not letting them chew on it or use it without adult supervision.

6. How do I clean the Stones?

They can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. However, if you intend to clean them with an abrasive sponge or with muriatic acid, we can't promise that they'll last very long.

7. Are the Stones toxic since they're made of resin?

Resin can release toxic substances and fumes only during the catalyzation process, but once it stabilizes and hardens, it becomes safe for skin and the environment. Of course, we recommend avoiding contact with mucous membranes, chewing on it, or similar behaviors.

8. Can Roger Stones be used as an amulet to ward off negative energy?

Do you take us for wizards? We are not in a position to tell you how to use them. However, you have our blessing and good wishes.





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