I forgot how to human.

Through art I will rediscover the hearthbeat of humanity.


Rogerio Boschetto and Giacomo Corradin,

an artistic duo exploring simplicity and contemporary issues through digital media and 3D printing. They seek to escape media overexposure with wordless creations that spark curiosity, engage viewers, and provoke thoughtful questions, fostering personal growth.


The silent voice of our feeling.

Roger is the manifestation of our emotions, the meta-language through which we narrate our stories. It is the conduit for expressing our thoughts, taking form and becoming art in the eyes of the beholder.


Latest Exhibitions

Prestigious art fair in Milan, presenting numerous stands. Three days dedicated to art. An event dedicated to collectors. We were present at the stand of Big Eyes Art Gallery.

To coincide with the Arte Fiera in Bologna, on the occasion of the white night that the city dedicates to art, an exhibition where man and machine come together in symbiosis.

The Gallery presents the artists, Psychonoir, Marie Sugimoto, Electropantera, Mais2_art, Bebo Soho, and Roger.io, a project nurtured by Tiziana Sanzone, who recounts how, once again, there has been a rebirth of figurative and pictorial art, after the indigestion of digital art, so much so that the denominator uniting the artists she has selected is precisely the Post Digital Art scene.

Group exhibition with more than 40 artists. With the participation of critic Vera Agosti and Elisabetta Roncati of ArtNomade Milan

A group art exhibition with works by great artists and new contemporary talents. Among the artists are: Christo, Ben Vautier, Dennis Oppenheim, Donald Baecher, Allen Jones, Paul Kostabi, Tano Festa, Mario Schifano, Renato Mambor, Paul Jenkins, Gianluca Lattuada.

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